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Dave's Favorite Bands

Depeche Mode

As a great man once said, if there is a better band, I'd sure like to hear them. Best tracks: Shake the Disease (that just came on the radio as I was typing this, I swear!! (Rod Serling is out there...), Here is the House, Enjoy the Silence (Rikki Tik Tik Mix), Get the Balance Right (Combination Mix).

Front 242

Give these guys a sampler and stand back.

Cause and Effect

Mode wanna-bes? Nah...

Peter Gabriel

His underrated album Security has some of the coolest sample wrangling around. Highlights from Pete include: I Have The Touch, Shock The Monkey, Red Rain.


Ha ha, just kidding, they lag.

Pretty Hate Machine

Normally, I would have listed "Nine Inch Nails" here, but let's face it, obviously aliens took over Trent's mind after the first album, and it's really not NIN anymore. However, PHM was great. That's What I Get, Sanctified, Down In It, Terrible Lie ...oh heck, the whole album's good!

Art of Noise

Trevor Horn is a God. (Trevor Horn... Trevor Henthorn...? Hmm...)

The Cranberries

Silly name, good music. Check out Zombie if you haven't already.

Tori Amos

If you could sing that well, you'd be on this list, too.

Kate Bush

See Tori Amos.


The Spud Boys will live forever! Be stiff! More slack! Through Being Cool, Peek A Boo, Working In A Coalmine, Girl You Want.

Duran Duran

Okay, they were a little bit trendy, but they had it going on. Rio, The Reflex (Na na na na), The Chauffeur, Last Chance On The Stairway.

The Cars

Good tunes, lead singer is married to Paulina Porizkova.


You have to admit, Rock Me Amadeus was a cool tune. Vienna Calling was also terribly cool, and hey, they're just all around cool guys.

Camouflage, Animotion, Till Tuesday, Susan Vega, PetShop Boys

The Great Commandment, Obsession, Voices Carry, Blood Makes Noise/ Left Of Center, Opportunities/Sin.

SWEAT ENGINE, (Victoria's) Secret Secret

Combustible. Explosive. A must-see! These guys/girls are definitely going places, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they up and put out their own CD-ROM! Watch 'em, 'cause let's face it---they're watching you!

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