Kristin Martin

Kristin Martin is a native of San Diego. She has been involved in music, poetry and art for many years, playing with several San Diego bands (currently with Apparition) and writing several hundred poems.

As a member of the Multiple Insertions CD-ROM project team, Kristin developed an interest in 3D modeling, rendering and animation. The results of this are found throughout the Multiple Insertions CD-ROM, from the opening Ring Map animation to the majority of the interface graphics and the printed artwork (check out those flying gears on the poster included with the MI CD-ROM!).

Kristin spends some of her time working as a digital sound editor/designer at a San Diego postproduction studio, and has recently started her own graphic design/sound design business (Grimalkin Design).


cyber hell


information tyranny

before digital

all poems 1994 Kristin Martin