Mistress LK

Virtual Sex

I had his dick in my mouth
I had his balls in my hands
He couldn't scream yell or moan
He had his tongue in my glands
His girlfriend slept on the floor
My boyfriend home sick in bed
Why have a virtual fuck
When you can get this instead?

I love words, and I love to be seduced by words. The right verbal combination, whether in person, in a book, on the phone or even via the internet, can make me wet with anticipation of a potential sexual conquest. But virtual sex !?#!!

Sex in a virtual world is too easy to get and too easy to run away from. Sure there's no obligation, no wet spot, no nasty sticky sex trash, but there's also no sweat, no blood, no come--- absolutely nothing to swallow.

After a great night of fucking I can feel the come dripping out of me all day, which sends me straight back for more. How do I match that in your virtual world- print out my e-mail and get off in the bathroom with it?

I love the smell of sex, the taste of sex, the violence, the battle, the risk. I love it when his girlfriend calls or the window's left open and the neighbor comes home. When you fall off the bed, or slide off the bed due to an excess of crisco oil. When his best friend comes home and joins in.

So listen buddy, until your virtual world can let me lick the come off my lips and savor the taste of you, I'll skip it.