MI CDROM Project Support

Keith Ahlstrom (, 619-268-1802)
PC testing, Content editing & testing,
Color Scanning, Video conversion.


Brenda Alvarado (
HTML & Latin HTML Programming, Text editing.

Michael Clift (619-578-1470)
Printed art and design.

Mark Deadrick (
CD-ROM concept and design, Mac testing,
Data Collection, Color Scanning.

Craig Duffy (, 619-260-1016)
Printed art and design, films printing, Contant editing & testing.

Karen Fisher (
CD-ROM design, Director testing, Data Collection,
Software Legalities, Mac testing.

Trevor Henthorn (, 619-558-6378)
CD-ROM concept and design, HTML and Director design and programming, Omni-Platform (tm) Standards, Testing and Mastering, Audio/Video/Hardcopy transfer, Legalities, Financing and Distribution.

Judith Holzman (, 619-226-6018)
Interface graphics, rendering.

Annette Loudon (
Content editing & testing, Contact for Macromedia.

Kristin Martin (, 619-296-8038)
Printed art and design, Interface graphics,
Animation, rendering, Content and Director editing & testing.

Tattoo Ruggeri (
CD-R burning, idea wrangler.

Mabel Wong (
Art/Press Contact.

Ruby Wong (, 619-558-7811)
Data coordinator, HTML standards, scripting and programming,
Content and Director editing and testing, Scanning, technologies research.