The Cycles

The data within the Multiple Insertions CDROM project is organized in a collection of nested cycles about 3 levels deep. The top level cycles you through the 4 mid-levels:

The Mid-Cycles

Each of the 4 mid-levels cycle you through 4 lower-levels:

Within each of these 4 lower-level cycles, the data is sorted as determined by the topic.


At the top of each page, you will see the following image:
Clicking on this image will bring you back to the very first page of Multiple Insertions.


Below this image you will find 3 buttons. These buttons navigates you backward, forward or withdraws you from a cycle and brings you back up one level.


Towards the bottom of each page, you will see the following image:
Clicking on this image will give you the contents for the current cycle you happen to be in. Labeled on this image is the topic you are cycling through.



For easy navigation, Netscape the HTML interface comes with style bookmark/search pages are provided (different files are provided for different platforms/configurations). If you are looking for a particular artist or section, load one of the following and use the "Find" function of your browser.

To add the MI bookmarks,

  1. load one of the following bookmark files save as SOURCE somewhere on your local disk.
  2. Open your bookmarks window with the "windows/bookmarks" or "bookmarks/view bookmarks" menu options.
  3. Append the MI bookmarks to your current bookmarks using the "import" option from the bookmarks window. While this shouldn't overwrite your current bookmarks, you should save your bookmarks out to a file, just to be safe. You may have to play with the "New Bookmarks Folder" and "Bookmark Menu Folder" items to produce your desired results...

Additional Information

If you can, take a look at the Pan Handler Production and Multiple Insertions WWW sites for info on..