OSC - Info About the DEC II Demo

This is a demo version of DECK II. Unlike the real version, which offers between 8 and 24 tracks of simultaneous audio playback, this version only plays back two tracks (we cant give it all away). It also lacks some important features, such as the ability to save documents.

DECK II is Macintosh software and requires a Power Macintosh, Macintosh 840/660av, or any NuBus Macintosh with an audio card. The DECK II demo is a self-extracting (compressed) archive in binary format. Download it and then double-click on it to expand it.

Remember, you can contact OSC by phone at (415) 252 0460 or (800) 343 DECK (or WWW users can mail us at OSC@applelink.apple.com). Watch ATN next month for direct access to our new web site!