SWEAT ENGINE Unofficial Manual

V1.0 (~1992)

Things burn...people get burned...sometimes instructions help... sometimes, years later, the 2-page, 8-pt instructions and post-gig napkin scribblings just serve to remind us from where the scars, duct tape residue and stale candy came...and if it's burnt into a CD, it must have been true at one point...

Things to Avoid


Experimental, progressive, Sarcastic, Angry, "Electro-Industrial" (see the SE definition of "industrial")

Our Definitions (these, of course, change)
Industrial - This could be pages, or volumes, long. Here is our condensed version. There are three major, real, definitions floating around. Here they are:

Music Style

The music style has changed over the past 4 years and, it will, of course, continue to change.

Some Themes addressed (not on MI):

Performance Technical Info

While it always changes and looks stupid out of context, someone always needs this on paper. Here's what was at the 11/94 show...