FIRST MAJOR DIG SITE: As young graduate students LOS ANTHROPOLOCOS (Drs. Lou and Sanchez) would take the city bus, shovel and picks in hand, to their secret dig site and would excavate all summer long lost in the sweetness of science and discovery. Their notoriety growing with each and every mummy discovered they finally received the recognition they so richly deserved and yearned. In 2050 the Doctors (they weren't known as LOS ANTHROPOLOCOS until their major find of 2057 when they had unearthed the actor/politician Pauley Shore) received their first major grant from the Pioneer Foundation totalling $1.3 million. This grant enabled them to organize the major dig site pictured to the right. Dr. Sanchez could be seen operating the scoop crane in the upper half of the photograph and Dr. Lou is operating the scoop crane in the lower half of the photo. This dig was one of their most successful yielding over 15,000 white mummies. This created quite a stir when trucks filled with white remains would drive through towns and villages on their way to their final resting place in the University of Aztlan Anthropology Museum.