Z.O. Voider

This is the 20th. Century Artifacts Sound Station commanded and operated by Peter Z.O. Voider 311 of Sector N, SOL 3. Coming from the future world of the 21st. century, Z.O. Voider has utilized found historical electronic devices pieces of machinery, and items from a past world to construct a sonic generator to alter and manipulate time, space, energy and matter.

This industrial percussion system began several years ago with just a few pieces. It's been growing and ever changing upon some discovery of a new object that has some interesting sound characteristics. Now, it is a system that uses over seventy different elements, which are played using various types of mallets, rods, and sticks. The sound is picked up by transducers and sent through old low tech analog and high tech digital electronic devices to enhance, color, texturize, and further manipulate the sound, then amplified through speakers. All this instrumentation expresses the world we live in, and the music and it's rhythm is the human spirit that prevails.

Z.O. Voider has engaged in the off world zone of performance art and experimental music for the past sixteen years in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco. Every performance is different by the nature of improvisation, such as acting with and co-existing with the environment, audience, the players involved, visual used, and theme of the event. At this time, Z.O. Voider is accompanied by Ferenc Imre of the Terran Interdimensional Tribes, assisting with various percussion, treated wind instruments, and other sound devices from around planet Earth.

The creative expression of energy ranges from industrial to tribal, experimental to avant-garde, mysterious to surreal, minimalistic to abstract, ambiance to kinetic trance.

The Z.O. Voider project applies a unique sonic experience to special events, dance, theatre, multimedia interaction, and soundtracks to video, film, animation, computer games, and documentary and instructional material.

For information regarding performances, tapes, CDs, videos, sample tapes for specific projects, and literature, please call:

(619) 282-7721 (San Diego, Calif., U.S.A.)
or write to:
Z.O. Voider
4247 Park Blvd.
San Diego, Ca., 92103

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