Devotion to Motion

Contact improvisation is a dance of spontaneous connections: exploring the range of physical expression. Each dance evolves as the dancers discover the rhythms and shapes that emerge. Their unique convergence of momentum and pause may either lead or follow the moods step improvised music of Z.O. Voider.

But this is not merely a performance art, it is a way for us to learn to listen and communicate with our bodies. Both dancers are experienced at teaching improvisation for every body, bit or small, man or woman, disabled or nondisabled, adult or child. Charlene Penner is an MD and an educator. She has an ongoing program "Dances with Wheels" for disabled students of dance. Debra Kinsinger is also an educator. To learn more about contact improvisation or schedule an even, call Debra at (619) 926-0204 or Charlene at (619) 789-2053.