John Stokes

About the Artwork "Shape Engine"

Shape Engine contains a Vector Automata which was grown by the artist using a program named "Color Expansions", also written by the artist. While the pattern was growing, the artist intervened in the flow of the growth to create the closely spaced machine-like parallel lines. As growth continued, repeating shapes emerged from the central machine-like structure. Color Expansions was then used to color the structure using a combination of Cellular Automata tools and regular paint tools.

About the Artist and Expansions

John Stokes is a San Diego based computer programmer and artist who develops software for designers and likes to create digital images when he gets the chance. John has written two major Expansions related programs.

The first program is Expansions, released in late 1989. This program generates black and white patterns using principals of Vector Automata: branching patterns that "grow" from a seed point. John developed the principals of Vector Automata which form the basis of Expansions. This program, now considered the "classic version" is still available from John's company, Pixel Pathways.

The second program, Color Expansions, released in 1994, is an outgrowth of Expansions and brings a rich array of options to the table. Color Expansions contains functions for Vector Automata, Cellular Automata, Symmetry and Tiling. Color Expansions is currently in use by Jhane Barnes Inc., a high-end fashion designer of men's shirts, sweaters, jackets, socks, ties and wall coverings. Color Expansions is also available from Pixel Pathways.

Expansions Version 1.1.1
U.S. $55.00

Color Expansions 1.0
U.S. $500.00

Print art and commissioned art work, based on Expansions theory for private collections, corporations and public places. Small to massive.

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