Ian Leicht


This work was made this year in late September. This picture is a piece of Heracleitian flux somewhat ironically frozen in time. The golden shape loops back in on itself over a distorted fractal background; its shadow eroding the background into the void beyond. It was created with Adobe Photoshop and the Kai Power Tools by using distortion filters, the gradient designer, and the fractal designer.


I made this piece, in late October of this year. This is my artistic friend Alicia maliciously objectified by my computer. She is fighting back with all the subjectivism she can muster (quite a lot if I do say so) in an attempt to free herself of my evil deed. Is she succeeding? This picture was also created with Adobe Photoshop and the Kai Power tools. I used the edge detection, pinch, and texture designer filters extensively in this piece. The red/orange pattern, the blue highlights, and the pixelized lines are all the results of extensive image processing applied to the picture.