3 MI: CONTRIBUTIONS: WRITING: Samuel George Bagshaw: June 24 Sunday - June 24

Woke up in Victoria but didn't have time to go ashore. Sailed at nine and ran into fog. It was the deadest part of my whole trip. Nothing to see and just creeping along, everyone reading or sleeping, just the periodic whistle breaking the monotony.

The crowd is different from the tourists on the Skagway trip. They are the typical American whoopie makers, bored to death. Besides Art there is only one passenger from the "Louise" on board. He told us that the "Louise" was to be replaced on the Alaska run by the Princess Kathleen. It must have been a close call that I slept through.

A fine dance started at nine. The deck is spacious and a regular dance orchestra is provided. There was a troupe of Orpheum actors on board, including a collegiate dance band. They took charge of the dance and an enjoyable party followed. I was anxiously homeward bound, my only desire was to see the Golden Gate, and I turned in at eleven.