Dark Empire

P.O. Box 81631
San Diego, CA 92138-1631

(619) 299-DARK---The Dark Line, Fax or Voice Mail.

DARK EMPIRE PUBLICATIONS was founded in early 1991 by James F. Howard, a.k.a. GRENDEL. It is the sister company to TEXAS RADIUM COMPANY, a graphic art and literature publication based in Humboldt County California.

In 1993, GRENDEL moved DARK EMPIRE back to San Diego, where it is now permanently based, housing a staff of no less than four editors at any one time. Though there is no official tabulation, the AGENTS of the DARK EMPIRE are estimated to be in the thousands and remain an ominous, invisible force.

DARK EMPIRE PUBLICATIONS is a (more or less) quarterly publication that examines the literary and artistic aspect of Gothic-Industrial- Cyber based culture. It is not a top 40 of ( insert label here) fanzine. There are no music reviews. YOU decide what you like, no one else need do that for you.

Politics and volatile social issues are also examined in fictional and nonfictional works with graphic art. Advertisements is done for art, though a variety of product is available through our advertisers. DARK is the word. PROVOCATIVE is the second word. THOUGHT is the last word.

The magazine is 40 pages in length, and will be going to a glossy cover in 1996.

A video magazine is in the works and should be available late 1996. This will feature live recordings of various underground artists, music performances, interviews, film shorts and vendor information.

Black t-shirts are available at $10.00 each, featuring the DARK EMPIRE logo on front and the NO ONE PERSPECTIVE logo on the back. Buy one.

Reprints of issue one ( non-glossy ) are available for $1.00 each. Send a self addressed stamped envelope. Read one.

MERCHANTS OF THE DARK EMPIRE catalog available soon, featuring leather goods, custom stainless steel jewelry, clothing and non- mentionables by such names as OCTAVIANA, STEEL DE-SADE, SUBNATION and many, many others.

Look for special club events in the San Diego area in 1996, as well as a gathering of AGENTS at the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL.

By the end of this millennium, DARK EMPIRE plans to establish a fuse with a network of desk top publishers to create and distribute local editions of the magazine in every major city in the continental U.S. Yes, DARK EMPIRE is bent on NOTHING SHORT OF WORLD DOMINATION.

Submissions are always in demand, and all advertisers are welcome.