Multiple Insertions Performances

The Multiple Insertions Performances (MIPs) are support events for the MI CDROM project.
These shows include technological installations and incorporate the talents from the some 50 artists/performers on the MI CDROM (along with some additional support talent).

MIPs - En Route
The SWEAT ENGINE van is transportation for most of the MI equipment and props. Occasionally, a few people are thrown in for the ride.

MIPs - Preparation
For sanitation on all MIPs props, rust remover and carburator cleaner are used and as a final step, the props are spray-painted and hot-glued to each other.

MIPs - Storage
For insurance, MIPs props and equipment are consolidated into a 20ft. X 14ft. storage unit and pictures are taken (in case of fire -- as everything is strangely flammable).

MIPs - Testing
Experimentation and proof of the flammable-ness of MI props.

MIPs - 14th & C
The picture second to last is The Multiple Insertions Machine (sucks in just about anything; blows hot air; draws ~30 amps; originally worth over $28k).

The last picture is the MIDI controlled vaccuum/blender/monitor device.

MIPs - Cyberfest Hong Kong
Cyberfest 95 took four MI CDROM support people (Trevor, Ruby, Craig and Kristen) as far away as Hong Kong (where some of us got to see the largest buddha in the world)!!

An installation was set up at the Fringe Gallery for 3 days and for dinner, Craig was brave enough to eat a whole plate of Frog Legs.

MIPs - Cyberfest San Diego
Multiple Insertions also participated in the Cyberfest 95 in San Diego, CA.

MIPs - Visual Breakdown

If you are interested in participating in future MIPs, WWW users can e-mail "" for more information. Those not on the internet can call (619) 558-6378.