Why We Did What We Did

Collaboration and Distribution of useful information
is difficult, especially for independent musicians and artists.
The purpose of Multiple Insertions was to bring together
independant musicians and artists to collaboratively create
a single disc that could (technically)
reach the largest audience.

The MI Intent:

  1. Music - (redbook) CD of SWEAT ENGINE music.

  2. Multi-Cultural Electronic Art/Writing/Video compilation - Most people understand the advantages of electronic work. In the case of MI, a color hardcopy version of the same work would not have been affordable. Making the compilation electronic and available on-line has given techies access to art and artists access to new technologies. By including Spanish and (in future projects), Asain, German, French and other non-english languages, artists and musicians are linked with different cultures. Who knows, some of the MI people may move to Hong Kong...

  3. Omni-Platform (tm) - MI was intended to be more than just an "enhanced" cross-platform CDROM (Mac and PC). We planned for the MI CDROM to work in any machine, without settling for the common "most-common-denominator" approach (black and white text only).

  4. Demonstration of Web technology for collaborative programming - Compilation projects present the problem of fitting many individual arts into a single structure. By building MI on-line, artists are able to view the electronic material (as it may be different from the original) and make comments about their work and the overall project.

  5. A Web site on a CD - When MI was started, few were on-line. Now many are on-line, but not everyone. With an average Web Site containing ~20 pages and MI containing more than 400, MI is a great tool for introducing people to the Web without requiring network access. Also, as MI is geared towards a multi-cultural audience, it will be mirrored on several sites around the world. As the "site" is a CD, it can easily be mounted and made available on any network on any Web server. Part of building a Web Site is creating an interesting and user-friendly structure. When MI was started, all sites were basic hierarchies. Because all of us alternative types are tired of hierarchies, the MI project as a whole was structured differently - the process as a community project; the site structure as an Engine cycle.

  6. Performance Tool - MI was a means for organizing artists, especially independent performing artists for performance. As a result of MIP's Shows & Installations, artists and musicians were introduced to other artists and had the opportunity to display their work. Upon the release of MI, the MIPs will continue, not only with MI artists but with artists working on the Multiple Re-Insertions project.

Technical Omni-Platform (tm) Issues

Because MI is about the wide distribution of useful information, we are open with our "trade secrets" and, generally, share what is involved with producing an Omni-Platform (tm) project. We present the details here with the hope that those with similar technical and moral experiences will share their insight with us:

The Future of the Insertions Series:

PHP, DBE, SE and all of the MI support group have a very strong Omni-Platform (tm) technical base. Future projects (including the Multiple Re-Insertions project) will, of course be Omni-Platform (tm). Other important themes are: CURRENT CYCLE