Wedding Coffin

and Compact Technologies

The audio and electronic capabilities of Pan Handler Production combined with the structural engineering and aesthetic talents of Dead Brothers Engineering provide for the creation of high quality, artistic, Compact audio Technologies. PHP and DBE have been creating Compact Technologies since 1990 - since the days of Loud Pants Sound Tailors. In this case, the Wedding Coffin is a concept in compact performance - a portable DJ system tailored for Weddings. PHP/DBE have 3 version of the Wedding Coffin - the model shown is the largest -
    2 shock mount CD players, DAT, 16-channel mixer, 
    2000W AMP, Compact Speakers, Mic, Headphones; 
    fits in most places - the back seat of an American car.

Other, more compact models, include the 2-space rack system, the ultra-compact 3" x 1-foot x 1-foot system and the custom XYZ configuration created from aluminum and composite materials for durability and audio quality. Perfect for travelling to foreign countries.

The Wedding Coffin - Because the most difficult gigs deserve the lightest equipment.