Multiple Insertions is a community project which was overseen by the Pan Handler Production group.
Multiple Insertions is an Omni-Platform (tm) CDROM -- this means that you can "insert" this CDROM into any modern computer equipped with a CDROM drive and you can also "insert" it into a regular audio CD player.

The AUDIO you will hear on your CD player and on the CDROM is 36 minutes of SWEAT ENGINE music.

The DATA on the CDROM is an anthology/compilation of original still art, writing, animation, products, and anything anyone could creatively scrape out of their heads (~330 MB worth of content). Copyright of artistic material belongs to the individual artist. Contact the artist directly or Pan Handler Production for duplication and redistribution permission and information.

Here is the answer to that burning question -- "How can this CDROM be Omni-Platform -- hasn't the industry always said we had to get a Mac or a PC?"

There are two interfaces provided on this CDROM: one in HTML (making the CDROM truly cross-platform) and the other in Director allowing a kiosk-style runtime for the MacOS and Windows operating systems. We didn't want to leave out CDROM-less. So, we took the SWEAT ENGINE audio CD, added the data and said "fuck it, we'll sell it for the price of an audio CD". So, the CDROM-full get a little bonus.

The Point of it All

A SWEAT ENGINE audio CD; MULTIPLE INSERTIONS is also an independent project focused supporting the independent artist. We wanted a place where artists, music-band people, computer-techno people, (and then some) can converge and produce a product promoting not only their own work, but the entire "independent artist" concept as a whole.

We also like throwing shows and performances with the people who have contributed their work to the project.

The Original Multiple Insertions Proposed Themes

The Original Request for Content

The Reward

Because Multiple Insertions is a community project, we couldn't do much but provide hot coffee and cookies for everyone. But every artist or programmer who contributed to the project now has the opportunity to purchase copies of the CDROM at cost for personal use or resale.

The Result (files)

The Additional Information

The Future Omni-Platform (tm) Projects

  • For performance information, see the MIPs Section.
  • This CDROM contains a Future Products section (including information on Multiple Re-Insertions).